Zo Skin Health Pigment Control Cream 80ml

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يحتوي هذا الكريم على 4٪ هيدروكينون وحمض الجليكوليك لتصحيح اضطرابات التصبغ ، وتعزيز لون البشرة وتخفيف التهيجات التي تشكل التصبغ.

صنع فى أمريكا.

Apply 2 pumps to affected areas twice a day or as directed by a physician. Always follow with sunscreen protection. See enclosed package insert for full prescribing information.
4% hydroquinone: Suppresses pigment production Glycolic acid and ascorbic acid: Purges appearance of surface pigmentation Glycerin: Hydrates newly exposed skin Saponins: Modulates the unwanted appearances from inflammatory response Vitamin E and butylated hydroxytoluene: Provides antioxidant properties.

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