Castalia Dermopur Gel Nettoyant 200ml

13.200 KWD

The gentle, foaming cleansing gel Gel Nettoyant by Castalia, is suitable for treating the problems of oily or acne prone skin (pimples, blackheads, irritations, gloss) on all levels. The innovative active complex contained in the composition of Castalia Gel Nettoyant, helps to remove excess sebum, giving a matte look to the skin.

Made in Eu.


Non-corrosive. Dermatologically tested. Effective cleansing and care of oily skin with Castalia Gel Nettoyant. Do not use in children under 3 years.
Lactoferrin - Lactoperoxidase combination: Helps minimize excess sebum, prevents irritation and infections caused by the bacteria which grow in the oily environment. Oleanolic acid / NDGA combination: Helps reduce oiliness and improves oily skin imperfections Biologically active β-glucan derivative: Strengthens the skin’s natural defence system and the function of its barrier, and helps it preserve its natural moisture.

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