26.400 KWD

MESO-MASK is a creamy enhancing mask for the face designed to illuminate and even out the complexion, smooth wrinkles, and reduce signs of tired skin.

  • Its intensive formula combining collagen and elastin, essential components for skin elasticity and firmness, smooths features and hydrates. Enriched with the brightening ingredient rhamnose, it is used to reduce redness and reveal your complexion's radiance. A powerful hydrating active ingredient completes the formula to provide suppleness and softness to the skin.
  • Results are visible after the first application and improve over the next 28 days: 90% of women find that their skin to be smoother and have a more even, radiant complexion*.
  • Perfect for all skin types, this enhancing mask has a rich creamy texture for a unique and relaxing experience.

Made in France.

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