Inspira Skin Accents Stem Cell Complex Ampoules + Inspira Absolue Lifting Ampoule

86 KWD 100 KWD

Stem Cell Complex is an active ingredient concentrate for intensive skin rejuvenation. Phyto stem cells strengthen the skin’s stem cells, reduce wrinkles, and make the skin look fresher, watermelon extract protects against stress and free radicals, and short- and long-chain hyaluronic acid moisturizes and intensively smoothes. Hibiscus blossom extract has a relaxing effect on the muscle fibers (Botox-like effect).

Lifting/Anti Fatigue Ampoule contains hyaluronic acid which smoothes the skin, and Instensyl, a biopolymer, which provides an immediate and long-lasting lifting effect. Guarana extract, meanwhile, stimulates blood circulation and leaves you with a refreshed look.

Made in Germany.

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