زيت بيو أويل للعناية بالبشرة (طبيعي) 60 مل

3.330 KWD 4.750 KWD

The Bio-Oil Skincare Oil (Natural) is a clinically proven specialist product designed to enhance the appearance of scars and stretch marks using entirely natural ingredients. Comprising 3 base oils, 4 specialist oils, 2 vitamin oils, and 5 plant extracts, this non-greasy oil offers a potent blend that easily absorbs into the skin. It enhances skin elasticity, hydration, and regeneration, aiding in the repair of damaged skin. Moreover, it effectively addresses aging and dehydrated skin concerns. Formulated with pure plant oils and extracts, it ensures optimal absorption of vitamins and plant extracts into the skin. Its all-natural composition includes soybean oil, sunflower seed oil, safflower seed oil, jojoba oil, along with pomegranate and chia seed oils. This product is free from fragrance, preservatives, parabens, phthalates, phytoestrogens, and steroids.

Made in South Africa.

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